Interview with Jackie Parry



By Jackie and Noel Parry


Groundings occur more often than you think, given today’s reliance on electronic navigation aids. A grounding can commonly be the result of incorrect use of digital charts (wrong scale usually),...


Lightning Strikes

The flash and crack of a lightning strike become a very vivid memory for anyone unfortunate enough to be hit whilst at sea. Although lightniung strikes can be fatal, they are also posses great concern due to the potential immense...


Diesel Plague

If the engine suddenly breaks down or after a long period of standing, cannot be started, the cause is often diffcult to fathom, with many owners unsure of what they are dealing with. However, it could be the fault of...


Bodendieck. Hinnerk Bodendieck.

OK. You’re right. It might not roll off your tongue as smartly as 007’s, but Hinnerk is nearly as famous. Well, certainly in the art world anyway. So right there is the key to all of this, for ever since the global superyacht...


Sail Port Stephens 2019

The 12th annual Sail Port Stephens regatta, proudly sponsored once again by Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance, promises an unforgettable sailing holiday experience for everything from IRC, Super 12 and Farr 40 yachts to...


Using everything to fight leaks

Whether as the result of a collision, grounding, material failure, a loose screw or simply your own negligence – if water is coming into the vessel, haste is required. And almost any item can be used to plug the leak, or at least...


Preventing water ingress

It is often the little things that make all the difference. The proper care and regular monitoring of important components not only contributes to maintaining the value of a motor boat or sailing vessel, but also prevents major...


Preparing for the storm season

Regardless of where you live you can expect to be hit with severe weather once in a while. Whether it’s some wilder winds hitting the region or a highly destructive cyclone, the following methods are a must for storm protection....

Cover me closely

Cover me closely

So much of your life is tied up in your vessel and hence your insurance is a major consideration. Sure the premium is important, however it is the type of cover and possibly even more importantly, the claims procedure that...


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